Madame Alchemie - FAQs


Are your products vegan?

Yes. All of our products are vegan, cruelty free, and you can view our shipping policies to see the non-plastic shipping materials that we use. We are eager to make our products as accessible to as many people as possible. We also don't use any type of sweet almond or other nutty oils for possible allergen contamination issues.

What do you use to fragrance your body products?

We use essential oils and fragrance oils from a variety of reliable suppliers. Each scent profile specifies the use of essential versus fragrance oils, so that you can double check for each if you have sensitive skin or certain allergies. 

The only 100% essential oil blend that is used currently is Chimera.

Do you have any preservatives, parabens, or other ingredients in your products? Are your products safe for sensitive skin?

No. All of the ingredients in each product are listed specifically on the label for that product, as well as on the website. The body butter ingredients are blended and whipped by hand, so we know exactly what goes into each batch.

All that said, anyone with sensitive skin should always patch test a small area of skin to check for any possible allergic reactions.

The consistency of my body butter seems a bit off. What’s that about?

Each batch of body butter is hand blended and whipped right here. We melt down all the ingredients and put them through a “three-whip” process so that the body butter that you get is the lightest, fluffiest, most divine that you could imagine. 

That said, all of these ingredients have a relatively low melting point (as they melt onto your skin). In transit or in storage, tiny bits of the butter can melt and resolidify, leaving you with tiny “nuggets” of body butter. These aren’t single ingredients or imperfections; they’re simply naturally solidified bits of the body butter that got a bit warm, cooled down, and became more solid. These little bits are actually particularly good to use over drier patches of skin and will layer moisture nicely!

My body butter arrived and it’s liquid! What’s that about?

Unfortunately, I cannot cast a weather spell over each and every parcel to ensure that it is kept in ideal temperatures through the duration of its journey… but if it arrives melty, it is not ruined!!!

Because of the naturally low melting point, if your product is left outside in the heat, left in a hot room, or shipped to a warm climate, there’s a chance it could be melty when you receive it. ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS OPEN A BODY BUTTER COMPLETELY UPRIGHT just in case it has melted. If it has melted, it’s not ruined! Simply stir the contents of the jar a bit, reseal, place it in the freezer for about ten minutes (or the fridge for a bit longer) and it will solidify. It won’t be whipped, but you can handwhip it with a fork to regain some of the nice, airy feel! If your butter melts and is frozen for too long, it can be a bit too solid; if you leave your butter out to melt and need to freeze it multiple times, it might get a bit grainy. Again, this won’t affect the quality of the blend on your skin. 

What’s the deal with epsom salt?

Epsom salt is pure magnesium sulfate. Many bath soaks you see might feature sodium bicarbonate as an ingredient, which is baking soda. It can be a wonderful fragrance/oil/colour carrier and often gives bath bombs their fizz, but in terms of soaking away your tension, we think pure epsom salt is the best! We coat our epsom salt in a signature fragrance of your choice through coconut oil, which will offset any potential of the salt drying out your skin. Epsom salt is wonderful for helping to ease aches and muscle spasms and for sufferers of chronic muscle or joint pain.  

There are potential risks to epsom salt, so be sure to pay close attention to the warning label on the bottle. If you have serious medical conditions and/or are pregnant, you should consult a physician before taking epsom salt soaks for your whole body. (Foot soaks might be just the ticket for you, in any case, if you are pregnant!) Dizziness or faintness may occur due to the combination of heat and salt, so be extra careful getting in and out of the bath. The coconut oil can leave a residue on surfaces and make them slippery or slick, so please use caution getting in and out of the bath, especially if you’re new to using epsom salts!


What is a face oil and how do I use it?



Face oil is much like a specialty lotion designed for your face...but in oil format. I worked and experimented with a combination of oils and trialed them for several months to find the best combination for a quick-absorbing, deeply hydrating, and healing oil blend. We use a combination of golden jojoba, grape seed, rosehip, evening primrose, apricot kernel, camellia, raspberry seed, and vitamin E oil and we have a LOT of very detailed information about each oil and their potential benefits in our Instagram Highlight: Face Oils 101.

You can use face oil several ways. In general, I would recommend using a very small amount (3-4 drops)-- you can always apply more-- and rubbing it into your face gently with your fingers in small, circular movements. Applying it before bed allows it an opportunity to sink in more thoroughly, but in general, if you haven't applied too much oil, your face shouldn't feel too oily or coated. LESS IS MORE.

You can also use it as a make up remover. Once more, a little bit goes a long way, but if you're using a reusable make up pad, the material of the cloth will suck up the oil nicely and allow you to remove your make-up quickly and thoroughly... and then there's a nice coating of oil on your skin afterwards.

Face oil can also be applied to other areas of your body where you might have stubborn dry skin (elbows, knees, etc) to help intensively hydrate that area!

Please keep in mind that you might have a negative reaction to face oil in the beginning, as the vast majority of switch-ups in skin care routines can take skin 2-3 weeks to adjust to! Especially if you have a well-established or minimalist approach to skin care, adding new components might shake things up, but the long-term result will eventually be healthier, happier skin. 



How do I use hair oil?


Hair oil is effectively like a leave-in conditioner for your lush locks. Our hair oil is a combination of six different oils as a base that will help to heal and add shine, softness, and health to your hair while also work on repairing damage to the scalp. Put a bit of oil into the palms of your hands and work the oil into your hair, making sure to massage it into your scalp as well.

Again, friends. PATCH TEST FIRST.


My hair is already oily. Is it really a good idea to add MORE oil?


Obviously, every body is different. People will react differently. But often, when hair is oily, it comes from the "root problem" (ba dum bum) of scalp damage. People tend to forget that their scalp is skin too-- and it needs the same kind of hydration and care that the rest of your skin does. Beginning with a hair oil can give you the chance to repair possible issues. However, it might feel a bit counterintuitive in the beginning.

One possibility to starting could be to apply some hair oil about an hour or so before you get into the shower. This way, if you feel your hair looks extra greasy, you can easily shampoo it away, but in the meantime, the oils will be working to heal your skin and your hair-- from follicle to shaft. You could also focus on applying the oil *just* to your scalp.

Once again, less is more to begin with, so don't go mad with the dropper and start drizzling the oil all over your head. Use a few drops, apply via your hands, and make sure to massage the oil into your head and scalp thoroughly.


How can a clay face mask possibly be fresh by the time it gets to me?


Because I am sending you raw powders! The clay face masks are made using cosmetic-grade, finely ground clay (French green and white kaolin) and a variety of other ingredients to achieve different goals (help fight acne! brighten your skin! improve elasticity! get rid of your student debt-- no not really.) I combine those ingredients into an aluminum tin and ship that to you as a dry powder. Each tin contains around 14-18 face masks (accounting for the quantity of powder used and the thickness of your mask).

That sounds great... How do I use it?


For one face mask, mix TWO TEASPOONS the powdered ingredients in a non-metal bowl SEPARATE from your tin with your choice of liquid (using a non-metal utensil). It easily works with water. Mix two parts powder to one part liquid (so one teaspoon for a single mask.) You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oils, mix the powder with honey for an extra hydrating and anti-bacterial mask, use cooled green tea or a hydrosol (floral) water or do half water, half oil (olive, jojoba, grapeseed, etc). It's highly customizable based on your skin, but if you're nervous starting out, then just use water!

Apply the mask evenly. It should be thick and not drippy, but easily to spread around. If it's too watery, add a bit more powder. If it's a bit too thick, add more liquid. Let the mask dry (approximately 30 minutes). It might feel tingly and a bit itchy as it dries onto your skin. Once it's dry, rinse it off with water and apply a layer of light moisturiser or face oil. (Even if you have oily skin and it feels great after the mask...moisturise anyway. It's what will help heal your skin.)

Please note that the hibiscus from the Blood Walk mask can potentially stain light coloured cloth (or in some extreme cases, leave a very faint pink colour behind on very, very pale skin-- but again, this is why we PATCH TEST.)

Do not leave on for more than the recommended time; it will continue to leech moisture from your skin. For a video tutorial of this, visit our Instagram Highlight: Clay Face Masks.



Why is your processing time a week?

All of our products are made to order. While we might have a batch of body butter already whipped up, individually adding perfumes to a jar might take a bit of time. I’m a one woman operation (with the assistance of an extremely helpful and lovely spouse) and am not Amazon. All that said, if you are pressed for time with an order or desperately want something to get to you in time to give it as a gift, drop a note in the comments section of your order, email me, or DM me on Instagram and I’ll try to make it happen!