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Priestess // Rollerball Perfume
Photos of white label perfumes (Marzanna, Aceso and Hygeia) on top of a dark red-brown knit, with the edges of a journal and a succulent in the photo. Photo taken by Lauren from @blackcoffeebooks35
A hand wearing a fingerless glove holds up a white-label Dryad perfume. In the background is a mug full of other rollerball perfumes, a bit of moss and an open book. This photo was taken by Morr over at @morrighanrose on Instagram.
Nine Madame Alchemie rollerball perfumes are neatly stacked on top of each other, including white and black label editions, with a romantic gothic background, including pale pink roses, an antique silver frame, and a little metal spider framing the perfumes. This photo was taken by Kat from @of.books.and.bone on instagram.

Priestess // Rollerball Perfume

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Scent Profile: Hyacinth, Cassis & Wisdom

Scent Category: Floral, Warm Spice, Sultry

Collections: Fantasy Made Flesh, Autumn Trio

Product: 10ml Roller-Ball Perfume

This perfume is one of our limited edition seasonal scents, with white labels.

The rich, earthy scent of hyacinth blossoms and blend with the lush sweetness of cassis and tonka bean. It has top notes of pink peppercorn, making for an almost warm, floral spicy note, completely different from other more common spices we associate with autumn (like clove or cinnamon). The result is a lingering dark decadent floral bouquet, with hints of things both sharp and sweet, powerful and whimsical.

Regardless of religious or spiritual belief/orientation, the concept of the priestess is one that's often inherently empowering-- it often challenges normative gender dynamics and places a mantle of power and responsibility and wisdom on the bearer of the title. It conveys a sense of regal grace.

Contains: fractionated coconut oil, hyacinth, cassis, tonka bean, and pink peppercorn fragrance oils. All fragrance oils are skin safe.

As with any cosmetic or body product, always patch test a bit of product on a small area of skin. Discontinue use if any reaction occurs. 

MadameAlchemie is not responsible for any transformations-- partial or full-- into mythical, magical creatures.