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Buffy the Vampire Slayer inspired "Slayer" under eye serum label, with the scent description of Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Cedar Stakes. The background image is of a crypt with skulls lining the base of the image.

Slayer // Under Eye Serum

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Scent Profile: Bergamot, Ylang Ylang and Cedar Stakes

Scent Category: Earthy, Floral, Citrus

Collections: Fantasy Made Flesh, Under Eye Serum

Product: 10ml matte black rollerball with colour accented label

The under eye serum is scented ONLY with essential oils, and Slayer is a delightful blend of crisp bergamot and lemon, rich ylang ylang florals, and the barest hint of eucalyptus and cedar. Bergamot, lemon, and eucalyptus in particular are excellent essential oils to help reduce inflammation and puffiness underneath the eyes.

The base oil for the under eye serum closely resembles our face oils-- and all the goodies it has!-- but with a few important extras. We use carrot seed extract oil, which helps reduce inflammation and redness and promotes skin health and coffee bean extract, which is a caffeine concentrate to help boost skin elasticity.

Think of this dynamic duo as a tag team against dark circles under your eyes. It's your VERY OWN SLAYER FOR YOUR PERSONAL FORCES OF DARKNESS.

This little concoction isn't for immortal youth, but to help nourish, comfort, and heal the skin that so often is the first to feel the stress of exhaustion and overwork-- giving it the little bit of extra love it might need... And so it is named with a nod towards Buffy Summers and the proud line of slayers before her-- all who *definitely* never got enough sleep.

To apply: make sure that the oil is flowing easily to the end of the metal rollerball and sweep wide arcs of the oil over the very tops of your cheekbones, then massage upwards gently into the space beneath your eyes. You can also apply directly to your fingertips and gently massage into the skin from there. A how-to video can be found on our Instagram page, in the Under Eye Serum Highlight.


Contains: grapeseed oil, rosehip oil, evening primrose oil, raspberry seed oil, camellia oil, golden jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, coffee bean extract oil, and essential oils (carrot seed, bergamot, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, cedarwood atlas, and lemon cold-pressed.)


As with any cosmetic or body product, always patch test a bit of product on a small area of skin. Discontinue use if any reaction occurs. 

MadameAlchemie is not responsible for any transformations-- partial or full-- into mythical, magical creatures.