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Alethiometer // Rollerball Perfume

Alethiometer // Rollerball Perfume

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Scent Profile: Hazelnut, Creamy Coffee & Daemons

Scent Category: Coffee, Foodie, Sweet

Collections: Fantasy Made Flesh, Winter Trio

Product: 10ml Roller-Ball Perfume

This perfume is one of our limited edition seasonal scents, with white labels.

Inspired by the His Dark Materials series, which immediately calls to mind winter and the plains of the icy north. I felt like a sweeter, cosy scent for this would be best so, for my foodie scent lovers...

Alethiometer smells of lush roasted hazelnuts and creamy coffee, sweetened with a hint of vanilla. It's comforting, straightforward and absolutely delicious-- another perfect one for getting extra cosy with some blankets and a big book during the long dark nights of winter.

Contains: fractionated coconut oil, hazelnut, vanilla bean, and coffee fragrance oils. All fragrance oils are skin safe.

As with any cosmetic or body product, always patch test a bit of product on a small area of skin. Discontinue use if any reaction occurs. 

MadameAlchemie is not responsible for any transformations-- partial or full-- into mythical, magical creatures.