Eirflower // Clay Face Masks

Eirflower // Clay Face Masks

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Scent Profile: Kaolin Clay and Colloidal Oatmeal Mask with Chamomile & Calendula

Scent Category: Earthy, Floral

Collections: Clay Masks, The Darkest Artifacts

Product: 120ml black aluminum tin with powdered mask ingredients


In Norse mythology, Eir is a goddess associated with healing and one of her many tools is a flower, called the Eirflower, which is either white or a pale tan, depending on the storyteller. The Eirflower Clay Face Mask aims to accomplish the same kind of healing.

The combination of white kaolin clay (an incredibly gentle form of clay) with colloidal oatmeal forms a gentle sort of clay mask-- perfect for very sensitive skin or skin conditions (please feel free to ask me if you have any specific concerns). Its pale tan colour comes from powdered chamomile flower and calendula, for an earthy floral scent and floral properties to help reduce redness or inflammation in the skin and bring balance. It also has rosehip and aloe vera powders to give your skin more hydrating vitamins and nutrients.

Eirflower is an obvious choice for sensitive skin, but could also make an excellent supplemental mask for someone who loves another more intensive clay mask in their skin care routine once a week or so. Eirflower is meant to promote healing, even skin tone, and healthy skin and would work well in tandem with another mask, due to its gentle nature.

The Clay Face Masks are sold in 120ml black aluminum tins (approximately the same quantity as our body butters) as a powder, so that you can remove a quantity of powder for a mask and have a fresh clay mask whenever your dark heart desires.

Each tin contains enough powder for approximately 14-18 face masks.

Below are some instructions, but please consult our FAQs for any additional questions.


Contains: White kaolin clay, colloidal oatmeal powder, powdered chamomile flowers, powdered calendula, powdered rosehip, powdered aloe vera.


As with any cosmetic or body product, always patch test a bit of product on a small area of skin. Discontinue use if any reaction occurs. 

MadameAlchemie is not responsible for any transformations-- partial or full-- into mythical, magical creatures.



For one face mask, mix TWO TEASPOONS the powdered ingredients in a non-metal bowl SEPARATE from your tin with your choice of liquid (using a non-metal utensil). It easily works with water. Mix two parts powder to one part liquid (so one teaspoon for a single mask.) You can also add a few drops of your favourite essential oils, mix the powder with honey for an extra hydrating and anti-bacterial mask, use cooled green tea or a hydrosol (floral) water or do half water, half oil (olive, jojoba, grapeseed, etc). It's highly customizable based on your skin, but if you're nervous starting out, then just use water!

Apply the mask evenly. It should be thick and not drippy, but easily to spread around. If it's too watery, add a bit more powder. If it's a bit too thick, add more liquid. Let the mask dry (approximately 30 minutes). It might feel tingly and a bit itchy as it dries onto your skin. Once it's dry, rinse it off with water and apply a layer of light moisturiser or face oil.

Do not leave on for more than the recommended time; it will continue to leech moisture from your skin. For a video tutorial of this, visit our Instagram Highlight: Clay Face Masks.