Winter Face Care Gift Pack, Available Here

Face Care Gift Pack // Winter Sale Exclusive

Face Care Gift Pack // Winter Sale Exclusive

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Save 18% on your face care essentials by buying them in this pack!

The Face Care Gift Pack will be a set of four items:

- Slayer Under Eye Serum
- Your choice of Clay Mask Tin (Golem, Blood Walk, or Eirflower)
- Your choice of Face Oil (Pirate Queen, Craigh na Dun, Kitsune, Sun Summoner)
- Your choice of Lip Balm (Piskie, Muse, Staryk, Wraith, Ifrit, Seer)

You can find more information about the specific products and their ingredients on their individual product pages, though an abbreviated version of the scent profile/contents is listed in the drop-down menu for each choice. 

While face oils and lip balms contain the same bases and vary by fragrance, the clay masks are all formulated to help different skin types:

- Golem has a base of green French clay and kaolin clay, with neem, matcha, and orange peel powder. Recommended for: combination/oily/acne prone skin.
- Blood Walk has a base of kaolin clay with hibiscus and damas rose powders. Recommended for: combination/dry skin.
- Eirflower has a base of kaolin clay and collodial oatmeal powder with calendula and chamomile. Recommended for: sensitive skin (or for use in between other masks as a weekly face-care routine).
** All masks also have rosehip powder and aloe vera powder.

Please check all individual listings for allergens and ingredients; always ask if you are unsure about what an item contains. Always, always, always patch test on a bit of skin before applying more liberally.